P90X2- Put It in the Books

I just finished my last workout of my first round of P90X2 (oh yes, there will be more to come).

I completed PAP Upper this morning. I absolutely wasted and would be in need of a Recovery week if I wasn’t finishing today. I will have a more complete review of the program up soon, but I wanted to share some of my instant reaction.

First off, now that I am done. I would like to send a sincere thank you to Tony Horton and all of the people who worked so hard to put this program together. In my opinion, this is THE most complete at-home workout that has ever been created. From the nutrition, to the workout guides, online support, social media support and of course the workouts themselves. There is nothing like this out there and it is a clear demonstration of the evolution of at-home programs. This program is a massive step forward for Beachbody and the perfect next-step for people who have completed either P90x or Insanity.

The focus of the program is on improving athleticism, core strength and overall health. In this regard it was wildly successful for me. Like I stated in an earlier post, I didn’t gain a ton of muscle mass, or lose a ton of fat in the last three months. I will have a final weigh-in, body fat percentage and before and after pictures up in the near future. I do think that for a lot of people (former athletes, weekend warriors, people looking to improve their overall health etc.) this program will offer everything that they are looking for. It is really hard, but equally rewarding.

I do believe the #1 reason why I have been successful using P90X, Insanity and now P90X2 is because I have stuck with the plan. For the first six months or so, I didn’t follow the nutrition guide, I thought I was eating well enough. When I started tracking my food using MyFitnessPal I realized I wasn’t. I have followed a fairly strict 1900 calorie diet for the entire duration of P90X2 (I started January 16th). The first question I get from people interested in trying one of these programs is always “did you follow the diet guide?” I am going to start just saying “yes”. Because, really I am. It is too complicated to say, no, I didn’t, but I created my own 1900 calorie diet, where I ate 240 grams of Protein, 160 grams of Carbs and 35 grams of Fat every day etc… People don’t want to have to eat well. We live in an instant gratification society and people want to get skinny and stuff their face with McDonald’s at the same time. I know, because I live across the street from one, and every morning when I am sipping on my Shakeology after working my ass of for 60 minutes, there is a line of cars waiting at the drive thru, and I can guarantee that a majority of those people are unhappy with the way that they look and feel (sorry to get off on a tangent). But this is hard work. Losing 55 pounds in a year was hard work. Getting my ass out of bed, every morning at 5 am is hard work. Eating well, every single day is hard work. Making sacrifices so I can afford Shakeology is hard work. But I am proud as damn hell about my results and I will continue to make those same hard choices every time.

The second key reason for my success has been making a calendar and sticking with it. Prior to starting X2, I planned out what routine I was going to do, every day from January to April. That way, at 5 am when I am still half asleep and have zero motivation to get started (which happens) there is no guess-work, there is no room for me to say “I’m freakin’ tired, I’m gonna skip Plyo today and just do Recovery”. I made a plan with my food, and by doing so there was no room for mistakes. I made a plan with the workouts, and by doing so, there was no room for laziness. I cannot tell you how many people I know that have gym memberships, or own P90X, or Insanity, and don’t use them. I am sure they have their reasons. I owned P90X for almost three years before I pushed play and stuck with it for the full 90 days. I kept telling myself I was too tired, I had a baby, I had work, I had school, a house, and on and on and on. I had really valid reasons to not do it. But at the end of the day, when I finally said enough was enough, those reasons sound ridiculously flimsy to me now. Looking back, my only regret is not starting sooner.

The third key has been Shakeology. I get a lot of eye rolling when I talk about, and frankly I don’t care. Yes, I spend $100 dollars a month on a bag of powder. And I feel as good as I have in my entire life, do you? I have more energy, I am less hungry, I just feel better. In January I quit my job of four years, and started a new, more stressful one. I am working harder, on my feet all day, busting my ass in the classroom and I feel better than I did at the old job, where I hung out in my office and talked about sports all day. In my mind, this is not a coincidence. It is because I start every day with the healthiest drink on the planet. Do I wish it were less expensive, of course I do. But it is not. It is a choice I have made and I realize that it is not a choice for everyone.

I didn’t really plan to write all of that, but as I get thinking about it, it starts spilling out. I became a Beachbody coach to help motivate people (and I know I have) and sometimes part of that is saying things people are not going to want to hear.

I will post my before and after pictures as soon as I can get them taken. I am ordering more samples of Shakeology and will send them to anyone interested on my dime. I have all three samples available. If you have any questions about P90X, Insanity, P90X2, Shakeology, Results and Recovery Formula or Energy and Endurance (Beachbody’s pre-workout drink), please do not hesitate to ask.

If you find what I post helpful or insightful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter etc.


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