So What Now?

So what now?

I finished my first 90 days of P90X2 over the weekend. The question becomes, what now?

I learned after my first few months of P90X last year that there is a change in goals that has to take place in order to stay on track with any workout program. I think there are a lot of people who treat a program like P90X like a 90 day boot camp. They work their butts off for 90 days, get some results, but then go back to what they were doing before that got themselves in trouble.

Yesterday was day 400 since I pushed play on P90X. So I think it is clear that I meant what I said when I stated last March that this was not just a 90 day fad for me, but a life-changing transformation. For 401 days I have stuck with the workouts, stuck with diet and been on-point with it. I think my RESULTS bear that out.

The key for me now is that my goal isn’t to reach a certain weight (I really want to lose three pounds “Mean Girls”) or get through a 90 day program, but to live a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that includes healthy eating and daily workouts. I think it is because of this mindset, that reaching day 90 on Saturday was cool, but not a huge deal like it was when I finished my first 90 days last year. Because in my mind, I know that although I finished 90 days, I have to keep pushing play every day to maintain what I have earned.

So, to answer my question… What comes next is more of the same, with some changes.

First, I am changing the workouts. I am going to continue to stick with the P90X2 schedule Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. For the Foundation Phase this means X2 Core Monday, Total Body Tuesday, Balance and Power Friday and X2 Yoga on Saturday. Sunday will be a scheduled active rest day. The change will be Tuesdays and Thursdays. I am going to do Insanity: The Asylum on Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting next week. This week I have started Foundation Phase workouts (and am remembering why it was my favorite phase) and will do Insanity workouts Tuesday and Thursday. I love mixing up the Beachbody programs like this because it keeps things fresh and keeps me from becoming bored. I have been at this for 401 days and boredom has yet to set in.

I joined a Challenge Group of Facebook (it really works) of people doing P90X2/Asylum hybrids. I was skeptical of the Facebook group before I started P90X2 in January. I was totally wrong. The support, motivation and knowledge I gained from the group was amazing. I pushed myself so much harder to accomplish our daily challenges than I ever would have on my own. It fills in the gap that is left by working out at home, alone. There is no one there to push you, but yourself. By plugging into the group I was able to connect with over 600 people all experiencing the same things as me with similar questions, concerns etc.

I am also adjusting the diet. For 9o days I was on a 1900-2200 calorie diet where I ate 50% protein, 30% Carbs, 20% fat every day. On this “fat shredder” diet I saw really amazing changes in my body fat %. In order to tackle the more challenging cardio of Insanity: The Asylum, I am adjusting to a 2400 calorie 40/40/20 (protein/carbs/fat) diet to maximize energy. I will still be running a calorie deficit, and will still see fat loss, but at a slower pace, while fueling my body appropriately for the difficult workouts.

I was somewhat disappointed with my 90 day results. Looking back at the pictures, I actually think I looked my best around day 75-ish. I think what happened was I increased my daily protein intake too much while also falling off the wagon around Easter. We do really good about not having junk food and candy around the house. But with Easter, there seemed to be a never-ending supply of sugar. I lacked the self-control necessary and I am really disappointed in myself. I am recommitting to my diet and am excited to see what I look like in 30-45 days. This is not to say that I thought my results were terrible, I just think I didn’t end up where I hoped I would. I am using this as motivation to push through this next phase.

If anyone is interested in joining me for a 90 day program (It can be anything, P9ox, Insanity, P90X2, Asylum) connect with me on Facebook. I find having people to talk with about what you are doing really enhances the experience.


2 comments on “So What Now?

  1. Easter was difficult for me too… Good luck on the combination program. Looking forward to hearing how you like it.

    • terry4505 says:

      I didn a P90X/Insanity hybrid last year (twice actually) and liked it more that just doing P90X. I think mixing in the different workouts is great. The only problem is figuring out which Insanity workouts to do when. Because you don’t want to do one with a ton of pushups on a Tuesday, right after Chest and Back.

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