Saturday Workout: 30-15

So instead of doing Yoga this morning and just relaxing this afternoon, I instead decided to tackle 30-15, Tony Horton’s upper body demolition from his One on One series of workouts.

I was inspired to attempt this workout by the guys in my Facebook group who are going to be starting our P90X2/Asylum hybrid next week.

I found THIS post that explained the workout and downloaded the worksheet from the TeamRIPPED website.

The workout consists of 6 super sets, which are each repeated once. Each super set is a push up move followed by a pull up move. The name of the workout comes from the goal of doing 30 push ups and 15 pull ups in each set.

I succeeded, barely. It was a beast. I ended up doing 400 push ups and 192 pull ups total. Needless to say, I am shot.

I finished up a the original Ab Ripper X and a bowl of plain greek yogurt and granola. I will take on Yoga in the morning. For now, it is Results and Recovery drink and “My Cousin Vinny”


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