With the Fifth Pick…

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select…

Here is to hoping that either Morris Claiborne or Trent Richardson are still available when the Bucs pick at 5. I would seriously hate to have a repeat of the year the Bucs had a chance to go up and draft Calvin Johnson and instead chose to sit where they were and take Gaines Adams (who is now dead).

The Bucs have the chance to continue to completely remake the face of this team following what ended up being an absolutely terrible season. They have already added Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks, two of the premier free agents available.

There was a time in my life (before the NFL went and screwed up the draft) when draft weekend was like a holiday for me. I will sit and watch about 48 straight hours of draft coverage. Then, I would proceed to go and add every new draftee into Madden, making the players as close to their real life abilities as possible, and play out the season. This took hours.

I don’t own Madden anymore (something I regret terribly) but I am still addicted to the Draft. So, who is your team? Who are you hoping they take?

I am going to be on Twitter tonight (following sporting events on Twitter is awesome). You can follow me @In_Terrys_Head


2 comments on “With the Fifth Pick…

  1. The Bills — and with the 10th pick, i hope someone will let them trade down because there doesnt seem to be much difference in players from about 8 to about 22…:(

    And I am interested to see where all the Alabama players go, of course…

  2. terry4505 says:

    I think Mark Barron for the Bills is a good pick. If Richardson and Claiborne are off the board at 5, I am hoping the Bucs trade down, possibly with the Bills where they can grab the MLB from B.C., or a guy like Barron or McFadden, while Buffalo, or someone else moves up to take Kalil or Blackmon.

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