Insanity the Asylum- Strength

With the start of my P90X2/Insanity: The Asylum hybrid this week, I wanted to give a quick rundown of what the Asylum is, because I have had some people ask me, or when I talk about it, I notice confused looks on people’s faces.

The Asylum is Insanity’s bigger, faster, harder brother. After this morning (where I got my ass kicked by Asylum Strength) I have now done Speed and Agility, Vertical Plyo and Strength.

I mistakenly thought that Strength would be easier. I was dead ass wrong. The entire workout can be done with a pair of 25 lb dumbbells (I had to go down to 20s for a few of the exercises). I thought, hey, it’s only 25’s I’ll be fine. I was wrong. 25’s were killer for some of the moves. Having done it once now, I will be better prepared for next week. I don’t think I was in the right mindset.

The focus of the Asylum (like X2, which is why they go so well together) is on overall athletic performance. The 45 minutes or so of each workout is run like a sports practice. It feels very drill oriented. Unlike Insanity, where the disk names tell you virtually nothing about what the workout will be like, the Asylum’s workouts are exactly what the disks say they are. Speed and Agility focuses on improving speed and agility, while other overall goal is improved athleticism. The same goes for Vertical Plyo and Strength. The entire focus of the program is improved athleticism.

This program is perfect for anyone who continues to perform athletically (even beer league softball) or wants to improve their athleticism. My problem is, I don’t have an outlet at this point for my newly refound athletic prowess.

I would suggest to anyone interested in trying it, that you have at least tried Insanity. Like doing P90X before P90X2, you can do X2 without having done X, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It is just too much of a jump.


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