Game of Thrones

I haven’t done weekly recaps of Game of Thrones because Maureen Ryan NAILS IT every week.

I thought last night’s episode was the best of the season. During the first season, right about this point (episode six or so) the show to a dramatic turn. They had spent the first five episodes setting up and establishing characters and their personal dramas, only to unleash hell in the final six episodes.

We are at that point in season two, and this episode felt like a turning point. I thought the first 12 minutes of the show were the best so far this season. It moved fast and covered a lot of ground without leaving the audience feeling rushed. It always seems like the more heads that are being separated from their shoulders, the better the episode will be.

I continue to find Arya Stark the most compelling character (it is hard to choose, and Tyrion Lannister is a close second). I cannot take my eyes off of her when she is on-screen. The scenes between her and Tywin Lannister have been my favorite in this season (including last week when she looked him in the eye and told him “anyone can die”). Once again, I was captivated by Arya’ and Tywin’s conversation. I particularly loved when Tywin asked Arya what killed her father, and she simply replied “loyalty”.

I obviously feel pretty strongly that Theon is making poor choices. As a man who has always been stuck between two families, and feels he must continually assert himself to anyone who will listen, I understand why he has chosen the path that he has, I just hope I wouldn’t make those same choices in his place. I think one of the major themes of the show recently has been that taking power, is a lot easier than keeping power. Which is a lesson Geoffrey is learning and Theon will learn.

I loved when Tyrion slapped Geoffrey and then said “and look, my hand didn’t fall off”. I think the boy-king is going to go down, and go down hard.

I was glad to see John Snow finally has a love interest. Although she was really clean for a wildling. Who knew they had such good dental care north of the Wall. I couldn’t decide if she was grinding on him to mess with him, or because she like him.

I was also left guessing as to whether or not Little Finger recognized Arya. My gut tells me he did, but that he is cagey enough to know not to reveal what he learned until he can gain something from it. Little Finger is a pragmatist, and he is smart enough to realize that Robb Stark is slowly crushing the Lannister army, how long until it is Robb or one of his retainers sitting on the Iron Throne?

As always, I left looking forward to the next episode. I think this is one that I will re watch.


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