Teaching Psychology- Superhero Project

I have decided that the final project for my Psychology classes is going to be a research/creative project about superheros.

I would be doing this in my law classes as well, if I didn’t have so many kids taking both.

I am looking for ideas for the project. I have a basic structure, but need more. This is going to be a multi-week unit. They are going to do some research about superheros and the hero’s journey before they create their own. I am going to tie it into the Psychology curriculum that I am working from.

This is going to be an awesome opportunity to bring in some comic books and movies and have a fun, relaxing, but educational end to the school year in two of my five classes (maybe I can do this in my study skills class as well?).

If anyone has any ideas for this project, let me know as I am basically working from a blank slate here and have no limitations (aside from not showing R rated films, which means “Watchmen” is out unfortunately). I am really excited to put this together. I am thinking we will take about two weeks to complete, including watching some in-class superhero moves (can you say field trip to see the Avengers) which means I need to get started as the clock is ticking on my high school classes.


2 comments on “Teaching Psychology- Superhero Project

  1. Mia says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9Hu1gLo8m0 Hello. I teach psychology, and I refer to this link when I assign my superheroes project.

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