President Obama’s Support for Same-Sex Marriage

I posted on Facebook yesterday morning after read THIS that I thought that one of the first issues President Obama would tackle in his second term (yes, there is going to be a second term) would be a federal law declaring unconstitutional any State law banning same-sex marriage.

I realize that this would take the Supreme Court ruling a State level law to be unconstitutional, which given the power Scalia, Thomas and Alito have may be difficult. Having said that, there is clearly a shift taking place in public opinion across the country, and this is going to happen.

The President’s statement yesterday was largely symbolic. It bears no legal weight. It does however represent a something tangible and important to millions of people across the country. I think it was clear that this had been the President’s personal position all along. The problem for the President is, he has to govern for the entire country, and be reelected by more than just those who support same-sex marriage. Given all the road blocks that have been placed before him, I can understand why he was hesitant to come out with an opinion.

I have a personal stake in the debate of a few levels. It was not that long ago that my relationship could have led me to be thrown in jail. I believe that this is going to be the Civil Rights issue of this generation. Change takes a long time. Our system was designed so that the whims of the populace could not overrun the entire country (can you imagine if the Tea Party was allowed to govern they way they see fit?). Our system was designed to protect the rights of the minority.

This is the kind of Change that I voted for. Now let’s do something about teacher’s salaries and student loan forgiveness.

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