Dealing With Injuries

If you are working out hard, especially at home (as I know a ton of you are) you are going to experience some pain at some point.

Something is going to hurt, something is going to get pulled or strained or sprained.

I am the absolute last person who should be talking about this. Because when it comes to injuries from working out, I am notorious (just ask Danielle) for trying to work through the pain.

I have been dealing with an unhealed broken wrist since 2005 which forces me to do all my push ups on my fists. Instead of getting it looked at, having surgery or seeing someone who knows what is wrong with it, I just push through.  Nothing I do stretching or icing-wise makes any difference. It hurts all the time. If you check out my YouTube channel, you will see videos of me doing Crane to Handstand from X2 Yoga on my fists because I cannot do it the traditional way.

I was also in a car accident in October. My car was rear-ended and my right lat muscle has been sore ever since. Nothing I do seems to make a difference. It it just sore. I foam roll, I stretch, I have strengthened it and nothing has helped. Once again, like my wrist, I am sure what I need is some rest and rehab. Unfortunately for me, I am too stubborn to take the time I really need to recover. I know that every time I do a pull-up (or Asylum Strength like this morning) I am only aggravating the injury.

I spend a ton of time on my foam roller. I try to do everything right, but the one thing I really should do, that I don’t is take some time off.

My fear is that I have a tremendous amount of momentum going right now. I am over 450 days of working out, every day but rest day. I don’t want to lose what I have gained. I am sure there is something else I could be doing. With the weather turning nicer, I could potentially run more, or do a few months of just Insanity, which doesn’t include any pull-ups.

For the time being, my way of dealing with pain and injury, is to not deal with it at all, but just push through it. Which I am well aware, is only going to hurt me in the long-run. Maybe it is time to rethink my approach?



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