P90X2/Asylum Hybrid: Strength Phase Week 2

This is how I know this program works. I have been doing P90X2 for over five months, and I am still sore.

I did Chest, Back and Balance yesterday. I improved every number or rep from every exercise. I am legitimately sore today.

I continue to find that the better I get at these exercises the harder they become. The first time I tried Impossible/Possible push-ups, I did one. Now that I am stronger, I can do 15 or so, which means that I am working harder and getting more results. I pushed out 25 4-ball push ups, which is a huge improvement from where I was in my first round.

I have consistently found that the more familiar I become with these routines, the stronger I get, the harder they get. When P90X2 first came out a lot of the negative criticism was from people saying it wasn’t “hard” enough. I have found that those people probably were not performing the moves correctly (form is king) or didn’t give themselves the time necessary to master the moves, thus making them harder. There is a massive difference between doing a push-up and doing a push-up with perfect from, legs and core engaged, while propped up on four med balls.

I am excited to see where the next two months take me. I will finish this up right before we head to Cape Cod in July.


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