Sticking With the Changes-Shakeology Samples Available

I made some changes to the P90X2/Asylum Hybrid I have been doing. I found myself feeling really run down by the end of the week a few weeks ago. My Thursday and Friday workouts were suffering because I was feeling so beat up. I talked about this a little a few weeks ago.

In an effort to get more out of my workouts and maintain a level of sustainability with my routines I have started taking Wednesdays as a Recovery/Abs day. I foam roll and do either X2 AB Ripper or Ab Ripper X. I have been doing this for a few weeks and have noticed a major difference in how I feel towards the end of the week. In order to do this, I had to step out of the “90 Day Challenge” mindset, and step into a sustainable workout routine. I realized about a week into my hybrid that jumping right from one 90 day “challenge” to the next was a mistake.

The first time throught P90X2, I felt like I didn’t get as much out of the Strenght Phase. I think the newness of the routines and unfamiliarity with the moves led me to be unsure how and when to push myself. This is no longer an issue, which helps me get more out of it. I am lifting heavier, or more reps in almost everything.

With my school year ending, additional outside work being done (updates coming on the deck that is soon to be built) my thesis due this summer and everything else that is going on, it was just too much.

I am seeing the benefits of this change already. I did X2 Shoulders and Arms this morning and was able to increase my reps or weight in almost every exercise. I have maintained the same weight and am still sticking to my 1900 calorie diet. I have gone back to drinking just Shakeology for breakfast.

On that note, I still have a few Shakeology samples available. I have both Chocolate and Greenberry (I can order Tropical Strawberry samples if anyone is interested.) I would love to get these sent out this week. If you have considered Shakeology in the past, but are unsure what it is like, shoot me an email or message on Facebook and I will get them sent out.


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