Don’t Skip the Yoga

I just finished my weekly round of X2 Yoga. I am still experiencing that euphoric feeling I always get afterwards. I know a lot of people who have done P90X hate the yoga, and I understand why. It is long, it is repetitive, and although it is “hard”, most people do not see the benefit.

I was never one of those people. Although X1 Yoga is really long (90 minutes) and somewhat repetitive, I did it every week and loved it. One of the major improvements in P90X2 is the yoga. It is about 60 minutes. It moves fast. It feels like a workout. And when I am done, I feel freaking amazing. Everything that was sore or tight or just didn’t feel right (my back is still bothering me) feels better after X2 Yoga.

My advice to anyone that is working out and does not take a day, or even two a week to focus on recovery, mobility and flexibility is not getting the max benefit that they could if they were to incorporate something like yoga.

I actually take three days a week. On Wednesdays I do P90X2 Recovery and Mobility (with my Rumble Roller) along with X2 Ab Ripper. On Saturdays I do X2 Yoga, and on Sundays I do Recovery and Mobility (or at least 30 minutes of foam rolling) followed by Ab Ripper X from P90X.

I have felt infinitely better since I started taking Wednesdays to do additional recovery. Don’t skip the yoga.


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