P90X2/Asylum Hybrid- Phase 3 (with some changes)

Today marks the first day of the final phase of my P90X2/Asylum Hybrid. I started off this morning with X2 Chest, Shoulders + Triceps.

I completely forgot how hard this routine is. I tried to up each and every number from the end of my first round of P90X2. In doing so, I was completely exhausted at the end of the workout. I love this routine because it is only 47 minutes long. I finished up with X2 Ab Ripper.

I took an awesome recovery week last week that included

  • X2 Core- Monday
  • Foam rolling and 3 mile run Tuesday
  • Insanity: Core Cardio and Balance Wednesday
  • X2 Core Thursday
  • Foam rolling and 3 mile run Friday
  • Yoga Saturday
  • 4.5 mile run Sunday

I felt awesome today. I have finally decided to stop screwing around and do something about the pain in my right lat muscle. Like an absolute idiot, I got talked into a pull-up competition at school on Thursday. So my back, which was feeling better, was on fire on Friday (I also got roped into two foot races with students, and won both handedly). For the next four weeks I am not going to do a single pull-up or back exercise in an effort to let this thing finally heal. That means that I will not be doing V-Sculpt on Wednesday. Instead I am going to do Chest, Shoulders +Tris on Mondays and X2 Shoulders and Arms on Wednesdays with Insanity: The Asylum- Speed and Agility Tuesdays and Asylum- Vertical Plyo on Thursdays. I will repeat this schedule for four weeks, ending with our trip to Cape Cod, which I am going to treat as a recovery week, followed by 2-3 weeks of the P.A.P routines from P90X2. With that I will have completed my second round of P90X2.

I am trying some of the new Beachbody supplements starting this week. I will get a review up once I give them a try. I just feel like it is time to switch things up a bit.

Speaking of supplements, I have about five packets of chocolate Shakeology that I am looking to send out. If you are someone who has been considering Shakeology, but are unsure if you would like the flavor, shoot me an email or a message of Facebook with your address and I will get those sent out. I will be ordering more samples of all three flavors in the coming weeks. Check out my Shakeology Posts for more info.


One comment on “P90X2/Asylum Hybrid- Phase 3 (with some changes)

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