I have undergone a pretty dramatic transformation in the last year and three months.

In March of 2011 I was 235 pounds, unhappy, and generally feeling like crap. I committed to P90X and lost 25 pounds in the first three months. Three months later I was down another 10. Three months after that, 10 more. 15 months later, I am 180 pounds, sub-10 body fat percentage. I feel great. I have more energy. I am a better person, a better father, and an all around healthier human being.

I have completely changed the way I approach nutrition and fitness. I eat well. I eat as much unprocessed, whole foods as possible. I try to make conscientious decisions every time I am in the grocery store or open the refrigerator or pantry. I have decided to commit to drinking Shakeology every day, because based on the research, there is no one food item that I can ingest that will give me the same level of nutrition. I have chosen to spend my money there instead of on the myriad of other unhealthy things I would have in the past.

But beyond the diet and exercise stuff, my entire outlook on the world has changed. Where I was tense and negative in the past (my fantasy baseball team name is “The Judge” for a reason) I have tried to become more patient and thoughtful. I have tried to enjoy the little moments with my family that in the past I would have maybe missed. I have learned to enjoy the journey.

Having undergone this transformation, and feeling a desire to share what I have learned with others has led me write about it here. So earlier this week, when I was told that someone blocked me from their news feed on Facebook because they were “sick of hearing about Shakeology”, I was really upset. I was even more upset when that person apparently said, I don’t know what it is, but I’m sick of hearing about (google is an amazing tool).

Hearing this has led me to really reflect on what I have shared here and why. I had to ask myself why I write about this stuff, why do I share it with anyone. My immediate reaction was to feel like I should stop. That this one person’s opinion was reflective of the opinions of everyone on the internet and no one wants to read it.

The longer I thought about, the less I felt this way. I went for a run last night to clear my head (this has been bothering me for a few days now). On my run I realized that the emails that I get from total strangers and old friends alike are proof that someone is reading and cares what I have to say, regardless of opinions to the contrary.

I share these things because when I was 235 pounds and feeling like absolute crap about myself and the world, I stumbled upon a website where the person was sharing their experience with P90X and Shakeology, how to eat right, how to get the most out of the workouts, how to get results, and it changed my life. What if I had found that earlier? What if I had a Facebook friend who had done that, and I could follow their journey and change my life? How many days, weeks, months and years of my life did I waste living overweight and unhappy because I lacked guidance and motivation?

I have always disliked an “ignore the haters, because they are always going to hate” mentality, because I think it is important for people to listen to, and reflect on criticism. That being said, I am going to continue to write about P90X, I am going to continue to share my experience with Beachbody programs and supplements (including Shakeology) because these things have worked for me (and literally hundreds of thousands of others).

I appreciate the criticism, I think it is important. However, I wish this person had emailed me and said “hey, I see you posting about Shakeology a lot, what is it?” instead of blocking from their news feed.  I can’t help somebody if they don’t ask.


One comment on “Negativity

  1. Danielle says:

    Love this and love you. So proud of you bear 🙂

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