Vertical Plyo

I have the best workout partner ever. It is hard to take breaks when she is yelling “no breaks” at me.

You will notice me wanting to take a break about 30 seconds in, but refusing because she is still jumping. That is freakin’ motivation. Aviendha has become one Shakeology drinking, Shaun T. and Tony Horton loving kid, and I could not be happier.

My legs felt amazing tonight at softball (which is remarkable in that they never feel good at softball) and I believe PAP is responsible. I collected 4 more hits tonight (in 5 ABs) and continue to rake. If only I had taken up this sport years ago.


2 comments on “Vertical Plyo

  1. Quick note, that was too dayum cute…now back to being a man…showing your daughter how to be in the best shape of her life. The lessons you’re teaching yourself are reflecting on too your daughter…you can see it in the video…oh and by the way amazing, what you did was not easy by any means.

    • terry4505 says:

      Thank you. We try to model good eating and exercise for her. She loves working out with Shaun T, Tony and Chalene (my girlfriend is doing ChaLEAN Extreme).

      I was completely exhausted after the lateral jumps to finish Vertical Plyo. I think I have a bit of a chest cold, because I could not breathe when I was done.

      Once again, thanks for checking out the blog.

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