About the Head

Terry Gilmore’s Head came to being a few years ago when I needed a place to say all the things that I spent so much time saying to so many people that I began to forget what I had said to whom.

The title of this blog come from one of my favorite chapters of one of my favorite books. Of course this is happening in my head, but why on earth should that make it any less real?

I read all the comments and love the feedback.


4 comments on “About the Head

  1. Chris Tucci says:

    Dude, you are an inspiration. I started P90x in January as well. I have lost about 22 pounds. I feel great and look great, but I am sort of stuck at 182 lbs (I am 5’8). I would really like to get to about 170 – 175 and get as ripped as possible. My nutrition is decent and I am considering adding in the p90X plus workouts to my routine. Thanks

    • terry4505 says:

      It sounds like you are probably in a bit of a rut, which happens. Changing up your routine will definitely help. Have you considered trying something like Insanity? I love mixing P90X with Insanity.

      Shoot me an email (terrancegilmore@gmail.com) if you have any more questions.

      Thanks for checking out my site. Stop back often as I am always posting about something.

  2. Tom says:

    I did a round insanity and lost 27 pound but then got in a rut. I added P90x to the mix and now the pounds are melting off even faster. I strongly agree you should do both of them. I am down 34 pounds now. I have about 25 pounds to go.

    • terry4505 says:

      Way to go Tom. I find any time that I am in a rut, changing things up works great. Just after Christmas I was feeling that exact way, I had been doing Insanity and P90X2 for about a month and wasn’t seeing any results.

      I switch backed to Insanity: The Asylum and P90X2 as well as changing up my supplements and I am feeling much better after two weeks with the new schedule.

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