Android is Taking Over the World

At least that is what I have been told…

Living with an iPhone user I have had a front row seat to the realities of iPhone Syndrome

When I purchased my first Android based phone (HTC Droid Eris on Verizon) there were no doubt issues with it that inhibited the phone capabilities. Many times I would go to show my iPhone user something, only to have my phone fail on me and embarrass both me and the Droid (this was actually a major part of my argument to Verizon for why they should allow me upgrade early).

The phone was not an iPhone. Period. It was cool, it did lots of cool, helpful things (syncing my Gmail calendar to my phone is on of my favorite Android features).  But if I was honest with myself, an iPhone, it wasn’t.

Fast forward 6 months. I talk Verizon into allowing me to upgrade, I purchase the Droid Incredible, and the phone is, simply incredible.

To give an example, yesterday I go for a run. I am listening to music…on my phone. My Pandora account is synced to my phone (no biggie, everyone’s smart phone does this). The running app I am using (Runstar) is using my position via GPS to track distance, pace, elevation and route. This I can then compare to other runs, upload to the web to share, and see how I am doing in my goal for the month. Had the phone rang, and it was an emergency, one button and I am taking the call.

Can the iPhone do all that, yes it can. Does having the iPhone to do all that come at a cost to the consumer, reference the links above.

I now have a phone that I don’t have to make excuses for. I now have phone that border lines on transparent in my life due to the ease in which it transitions into my day to day activities (yes, the voice in the back of my head warning about the impending robot rebellion keeps getting louder)

Long story short. My first Android phone was definitely not an iPhone. My second Android phone is Definitely not an iPhone, and thank the gods for it.