Two Blogs, One Guy

It has been suggested to me by people who started reading the blog for fitness advice that I separate the personal from the fitness. 

I don’t think this is a terrible idea, and actually it is one that I had considered before. The problem I had then, and still do now is, do I move the fitness posts to a new blog, with a new title and lose the readership that I have gained to this site. Or, do I move my personal posts to a new blog. If you read the “About the Head” page tabbed at the top, you will learn that I have been writing this blog for the better part of 6 years. It began as a way for me to get my thoughts out of my head so I wouldn’t overwhelm my loved ones when we all got together. It has been very successful at that. Many of the people that I love to discuss life with read what I write and then we talk about it. 

I hesitate to move out my personal posts because as the title of the blog suggests, this is about what is happening inside my head. And I feel very strongly that if it is in my head, I should be able to write about on my blog. 

Having said that, when I became a Beachbody coach, this blog became my business as well. And although I know that statistically, for every one person that is turned off by my personal political beliefs, there will be someone who agrees with me, I do not want to be turning anyone away. If you came here for my fitness advice because you were inspired by transformation using P90X etc., I don’t want you to leave the site because of how I feel politically. 

At this point I am not sure what to do. I do think the two need to separated, the personal and the professional. I just do not know how to go about doing it.


Body Beast: Week 1

I wrapped up my first week of Body Beast this morning by doing P90X2 Yoga on my rest day.

I purchased Body Beast on a whim. When I first watched the preview video, I thought it looked stupid. To me, it looked like a bunch of meatheads yelling and pumping iron. I was pretty turned off by it and thought it wasn’t something I would ever really try.

When I finished my P90X2/Asylum hybrid last week I was torn between doing a full 60 days of Insanity and trying something new. Body Beast was relatively inexpensive, and I already own the equipment necessary to complete the program, so I decided to give it a shot. I followed my own advice and came up with a plan for how to attack the next 90 days and set my goals. I am hoping to add around 5 lbs of muscle while continuing to cut body fat. I am not looking to get huge (although I watched Warrior last night with Tom Hardy, and the idea of looking like that holds some appeal for me). I weigh about 185 right now, and if I end up at the same weight in three months, I will not be upset in the least.

As far as the actual workouts go, I am impressed. The video quality on my DVDs is a little on the poor side, the commentary is somewhat meat-headish. Listening to Sagi refer to himself as the Beast constantly gets a bit old (although, when he shushes one of the cast members and says “shush, the Beast is talking” I cannot help but laugh). I am used to Tony Horton and Shaun T. Both of whom I enjoy working out with.

The workouts themselves are good. Usually between 30-50 minutes. The warm up is not enough. I find myself hitting the foam roller and stretching a bit before I push play. Both P90X2 and Insanity include truly effective combinations of static and dynamic stretches that prepare the body for the coming workout. Body Beast does not. One positive is that it keeps the workouts short. But in order to maintain flexibility and avoid injury, it is essential to add some additional work (hence why I did X2 Yoga this morning). At the end of this program, I don’t want to be such a beef cake that I need someone else to wipe my ass because I lack the flexibility and Lats are just too damn big.

As far as effectiveness of the workouts is concerned, I can only go by what my body is telling me after 6 days. What I know is, I have not been sore like this since my first week of P90X last March. Every day, a different part of my body has been sore from the workout the day before. I don’t mean just sore, I mean like hard to walk up the stairs sore. Can’t brush my teeth sore, can’t straighten my arms sore. These workouts work. I cannot wait to see how my body responds the second time through these workouts and beyond. I was never sore like this doing P90X2. I know this is working.

When I first brought up this program on this website, I stated that it would not be for everyone. I still believe that. There are some people that this style is simply not going to appeal to. But I am in a Facebook group of TeamRIPPED members who are all doing this together, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of women are are hitting the Beast with us.

So far I like it. It is a nice change-up from P90X2, where so much was focused on balance. Every lifting move was done while incorporating some element of balance (curls on one leg, etc.). It is nice to firmly plant both feet on the ground and lift weights.

Week One

If you are interested in learning more about this or any other BeachBody program, let me know. I know there are a lot of people who have decided to commit to P90X and Insanity. If you are interested, but don’t know where to start or which program to choose, contact me so I can help guide you towards the program that will best fit your goals. All of the products that I have used, and continue to use are available through the links on this site.


Johan Santana


I started watching baseball in the summer of 2001. Prior to that I could not cared less about the sport. I was working building pools before I left for college and when I got home every night the Mets were on MSG.

I knew very little about the sport, aside from the fact that I hated the Yankees. So every night, I watched the Mets. They were not all that good. This was during the Mo Vaughn, Jeremy Bernitz era.

I lost interest during the Art Howe Dark Days. I naturally love an underdog, but that team was so bad, “underdog” didn’t really apply.

We go to Cape Cod every summer and around ’03 I started moonlighting as a Red Sox fan. This was during the Johnny Damon, Manny Ramirez era when the Sox were fun to watch.

Around 04-05 when David Wright came up, watching the Mets became fun again. 2006 felt magical. Every other game was a walkoff win, or a come from behind miracle. It felt like our year. Endy Chavez made what should have been the greatest defensive pay in Mets history. The stars were aligned for something special.

Then something went terribly wrong. Carlos Beltran stuck out looking, and with that curve ball, the Mets became a running joke.

Collapses in ’07 and ’08 left me wondering if the universe was getting us back for Buckner. I had very little hope for success this year. I just wanted to enjoy watching this team play baseball again.

They have so far delivered on that promise. Last night was magic. Johan Santana is a bull dog. Coming off of shoulder surgery that should have ended his career, he was able to do something last night that no other Mets pitcher in 51 years has been able to do.

Watching the last three innings last night was the best sports viewing event I have witnessed since the Buccaneers Super Bowl win. I feel like the universe is righting itself. It has been a long, dark ten years of sports for me. Johan undid all of that last night.

My heart was racing during that 9th inning last night. My greatest fear was a walk to Freese and Molina getting a hit.

It was pure magic. Thank you Johan.

Motorcyle for Sale

This is sort of a sad day.

I put my Motorcyle on Craigslist this morning.

When I accepted my current teaching position, I did so with th knowledge that it came with no guarantee of summer employment. I am finishing my Master’s degree this summer and I don’t know how much I will be able to work.

We have a ton of projects we want to do around the house (garage roof, sealed driveway, build a sweet deck) and have struggled trying to figure out how to afford it all.

I was riding my bike to work last Friday and I realized I was riding it more because I felt like I needed to, and less because I wanted to.

So with all of that being said, my 2002 Yamaha Roadstar Warrior is up for sale. The bike is in amazing condition considering it is 10 years old. It has (only) 7157 miles on it.

It is the perfect mix between sport bike and cruiser. It is inspected, but needs new tires.

I am looking to sell it quickly and will consider reasonable offers.

Let me know (

Junior Seau

I started writing this last week, but had a hard time getting the picture to upload.

He was my first favorite player.

In fourth grade I was supposed to do a writing assignment about I don’t know what, and instead I copied Sports Illustrated article THIS word for word instead.

As hard as it was to catch Chargers games when I was in Elementary school living in Western New York, I did my best to be a San Diego Chargers fan.

As I grew up and hit middle school, my fan allegiance changed from the Chargers to the Buccaneers and I never looked back. Mike Alstott became my favorite player when I was in 9th grade and I became a Buccaneers fan in 1997.

I think when the truth comes out, we will find that concussions played a major role in Seau’s depression. I think the NFL is going to be in some serious hot water.

I read an article in SI a few years ago about what the NFL was doing to obstruct research and litigation into the impact that repeated concussions was having. I cannot find it now, but they refer to it in the video clip below.

At the end of the day, this is a sad story and for me is a little personally heart-breaking.






Game of Thrones

I haven’t done weekly recaps of Game of Thrones because Maureen Ryan NAILS IT every week.

I thought last night’s episode was the best of the season. During the first season, right about this point (episode six or so) the show to a dramatic turn. They had spent the first five episodes setting up and establishing characters and their personal dramas, only to unleash hell in the final six episodes.

We are at that point in season two, and this episode felt like a turning point. I thought the first 12 minutes of the show were the best so far this season. It moved fast and covered a lot of ground without leaving the audience feeling rushed. It always seems like the more heads that are being separated from their shoulders, the better the episode will be.

I continue to find Arya Stark the most compelling character (it is hard to choose, and Tyrion Lannister is a close second). I cannot take my eyes off of her when she is on-screen. The scenes between her and Tywin Lannister have been my favorite in this season (including last week when she looked him in the eye and told him “anyone can die”). Once again, I was captivated by Arya’ and Tywin’s conversation. I particularly loved when Tywin asked Arya what killed her father, and she simply replied “loyalty”.

I obviously feel pretty strongly that Theon is making poor choices. As a man who has always been stuck between two families, and feels he must continually assert himself to anyone who will listen, I understand why he has chosen the path that he has, I just hope I wouldn’t make those same choices in his place. I think one of the major themes of the show recently has been that taking power, is a lot easier than keeping power. Which is a lesson Geoffrey is learning and Theon will learn.

I loved when Tyrion slapped Geoffrey and then said “and look, my hand didn’t fall off”. I think the boy-king is going to go down, and go down hard.

I was glad to see John Snow finally has a love interest. Although she was really clean for a wildling. Who knew they had such good dental care north of the Wall. I couldn’t decide if she was grinding on him to mess with him, or because she like him.

I was also left guessing as to whether or not Little Finger recognized Arya. My gut tells me he did, but that he is cagey enough to know not to reveal what he learned until he can gain something from it. Little Finger is a pragmatist, and he is smart enough to realize that Robb Stark is slowly crushing the Lannister army, how long until it is Robb or one of his retainers sitting on the Iron Throne?

As always, I left looking forward to the next episode. I think this is one that I will re watch.