Virginia is for Lovers

Danielle and I took an awesome six-day trip to Southern Virginia last week. The original plan was to drive stright down. We Googled “water-front camping virginia” and decided to go with North Landing Beach campground which is about 45 minutes south of Viginia Beach.

It would have taken us about 11 hours to get there driving straight down. But somewhere around Williamsport Penn, it dawned on me that Johan Santana was pitching for the Mets in D.C. at 7pm, and that if we stopped in Gettysburg (something I haven’t done in 15 years) we could be in D.C. in time for Batting Practice. When Danielle woke up (she worked through the night the night before) I asked her what she thought of my new plan, and she loved it.

Gettysburg is exactly as I had remembered it. Standing on Cemetery Ridge overlooking the long field where the outcome of the Civil War was decided is a truly unique experience.

The Mets didn’t win, but the game was great and the tickets were $10, which was awesome.

The campground was beautiful, ten steps out of our tent, through the sand, and my feet were in Currituck Sound, the nothern tip of the inside of Cape Hatteras.

Next year it is back to Cape Cod, but it was great experiencing something new.


Flight to K.C.

I have only flown a few times, and I wasn’t ever sure how I would feel about it, bring one who is not crazy about heights.

It is safe to say that I love the idea of being up in the air.

The view on our flight from Chicago to K.C. was amazing. We got above the cloud level, and the clouds from above looked like the ocean floor where the waves have left ripples in the sand.

So far, loving K.C. and the neighborhood the hotel is in.

I was at : 560 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111,