P90X2/Asylum Hybrid: Recovery Week 2

I started my second recovery week this morning. I did P90X2: Core this morning. I pushed as hard as I could (I know, not very smart for recovery week) and was exhausted at the end of the workout. I upped my numbers on almost every exercise.

I am feeling good, although my legs feel a bit dead and my right lat muscle continues to be sore from the strain. I think I will skip any pull-ups this week in an effort to let it calm down a bit. Tomorrow I plan on taking a short run, followed by some intense Rumble Rolling.

On a completely unrelated note, today was Aviendha’s graduation from Pre-K. She looked beautiful, and I only cried twice.

It is really hard to wrap my head around her going to Kindergarten next year. I was doing good until the end of the video her teacher put together. The song was Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”. I sang this to Avi almost every night before I put her to bed when she was a baby. Any time she woke up in the middle of the night. For the rest of my life, I will always associate this song with her tiny body in my arms.


Gym Memberships?

I stumbled across this video and thought I should share it. If you are someone who, like me had a gym membership and used it infrequently, or never check this out:

I obviously agree with everything he says here. I was exactly the person that he describes. I was paying upwards of $30 a month (that is $360 dollars a year, don’t tell me P90X, X2, Insanity are too expensive) for something I wasn’t using.

When he talks about people who bought P90X, and then left it sitting in the closet for year, before using it, only to regret it later, that was me exactly. After my three months, my biggest regret (aside from not taking day 1 pics) was that I didn’t start sooner. This ties into my feelings about not burning the disks for people. I firmly believe that if you make the investment in the program, if you buy in financially and mentally, then you will see RESULTS.

I am in no way bashing gyms. I know that for some people, they are the perfect escape from their day, and a safe haven where they can retreat and take care of themselves. For me, and for a lot of people I know, it just doesn’t work. For me, the ability to push the coffee table aside, lay out my workout mat, bust my ass for an hour, mix up my Shakeology, and go upstairs and wake up Avi is imperative.

I think the most telling thing is that Beachbody guarantees all of their products (P90X, X2 have 90-day money back policy, Shakeology has a bottom of the bag guarantee). I have never heard of a gym promising customers their money back at the end of their contract if they don’t see the results they wanted. Beachbody is able to do this because there are two groups of people, those who use their products have Insane results, and those who buy it and don’t use it, or never buy it at all. As I stated in my post “Results May Vary”, the only variance is in the attitude and effort in the person doing it.

I am well aware of the fact that I sound like a Beachbody fanboy. I honestly don’t care. These programs work and they have changed my life. Next week is my 29th birthday, and I feel better than I ever have in my life. In two weeks, it will be 1 year from the day I pushed play on P90X for the first time.

If you are interested in any of these programs, check out the links on the right side of my site. If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section, or email me at terrancegilmore@gmail.com.

My Reason

I found myself laying on my back in a pool of my own sweat this morning, chest heaving and legs on fire as I completed forty-five Jack-in-the-Box jump knee tucks at the end of P90X2 Base and Back (20 sets of Pull-ups-Plyo-Pull-ups-Plyo…) searching for the reason that I do this to myself.

I then remember this picture I took last night before Avi and I went swimming (something we try to do every week). This is the reason I do this to myself. This is the reason when my alarm goes off at 5:00 am, I don’t hit snooze like I used to. I don’t wait until 10 minutes before I need to be out of the house to jump out of bed, drink coffee and stumble through my day. This is the reason that I have pushed play, every day, for almost a year.

There were a few moments that stick out clearly in my mind that were my Lightbulb moments. One of them was a day that Avi and I were engaging in one of out many dance party/air bending/ninja fighting sessions and I had to stop and sit down, because I was so out of breath that I could not keep playing.

I decided then that I no longer wanted to be that dad. I want to be able to run circles around my four-year old. Not the other way around.

That is why I am eating right, that is why I am spending the money on Shakeology every month. That is why I don’t make excuses when I am tired, or sore, or just don’t want to work out. I have a tremendous amount of Momentum right now and I am not willing to sacrifice that by making poor food choices. It is why I am willing to put my money where my mouth is and invest myself in these programs that have literally changed everything about my life.

I know this all sounds ridiculously preachy, and for that I apologize. But a year ago I was 235 pounds, unhappy, a lesser father. I sit here this morning, eight days from my 29th birthday, 14 days from the 1 year anniversary of the day I decided to change my life and I feel better than I ever have in my life. Hopefully she is proud of me for it.

Feedback Appreciated

Ever since I linked this site to Facebook, there has been a dramatic increase in hits to the site.

Unless the same two people are clicking on the link 40 times every time I post something, someone is reading it. It is a scary thing to post something (especially pictures) and have no idea who is looking and what they are thinking.

If you have thoughts, or feedback or think I am an idiot, please feel free to say so in the comments section on the blog or on Facebook. I have had this site going for almost five years (I started writing it after Avi was born and she will be five in July). During that time the focus of the blog has transitioned from sports, to politics, to what is clearly at the forefront of my mind currently; working out, diet and P90X2.

I am sure as time goes on this will change again. The title of the blog comes from my all time favorite Harry Potter quote and continues to define what I do with this space, it is literally whatever is on my mind.

Avi’s Birthday





It was a weekend that was at once both wonderful and terrible. Aviendha turned three on Friday.

I was up until almost two am on Saturday, unable to sleep because of all that is going on with her. There are still times when this all feels like a dream, out someone else’s life.

Princess Avi had a wonderful birthday weekend that included not one, but two parties (a function of our situation).

We have raised an amazing little girl.