Body Beast Results/Review

I have neglected putting this post up for far too long.

I finished my 90 days of Body Beast back on November 6th and have been meaning to get this posted since, but have failed to… Until now.

I want to start by saying that overall, I think Body Beast is a tremendously effective program. Looking back on my results, and seeing how my body has regressed, even in the week or so since I finished, it is clear to me that Body Beast is truly an effective program, and one that I am going to continue to mix into my regular workout regime (more on this later).

If you have read any of my previous reviews of the program, you will note that I was somewhat turned off by the tenor of the workouts themselves (Here, Here, Here, Here, Here). There is definitely an air of “Meat-Headiness” to the program that I could do without. Listening to Sagi refer to himself in the third person as “The Beast” (is that fourth-person?” gets old really quickly. Many of the people who I did the program with resorted to turning the volume down or turning their own music up. I did this as well and it worked. The pace of many of the workouts is very fast, so with the sound off, it can be hard to keep up with what they are doing.

Body Beast incorporates a training system called “Dynamic Set Training”. What this basically refers to is the use of many different types of sets to achieve muscle fatigue. Whatever Sagi chooses to call it, it works. I have never been as sore as I was after my first few weeks of this program. Not even back when I first started P90X in March of ’11 and I had to skip workouts the first week because I was so sore.

On the whole, I think this is a worthwhile program for anyone who is looking to build muscle. I had pretty strict dietary goals that I set for myself. I did not want to gain any mass, so I did not follow the Beast diet guide, but instead chose to eat a 1900 calorie fat shredder diet for the majority of the 90 days. I was just not that interested in gaining muscle at the cost of putting on body fat. It wasn’t my goal. I can see how it would be easy to gain 5-10 lbs of muscle doing this program if you followed the suggested nutrition.

I didn’t take actual “Day 90” photos, so I have included pics of my in my Halloween costume, which fell right about 90 days. All in all, I am really happy with the results. I am two weeks into a P90X2/Insanity Hybrid, and I am already missing some of the heavy-lifting from the Beast.

Day 1:

Day 30:

Day 90:


Feel free to use the comment section for additional info on this or any Beachbody program.


Les Mills Combat

I have been meaning to write about this for a while now.

Beachbody has released an MMA style training program, Les Mills Combat.

I am very interested in giving this program a shot (I don’t know when I will squeeze it in with The Asylum 2 available now.) But I would love to give this program a shot.

I wrote a while ago about TapouT XT an MMA style training/conditioning program that at the time I was very interested in. I never gave TapouT a shot, but not for lack of interest.

I have had great results with Beachbody programs, and trust that they have another great one here. I love the idea of a high intensity, MMA style workout. I would love at some point to get involved with Mixed Martial Arts training, and this could be a great lead into that.

According to Beachbody’s website:


Carve a lean, chiseled body in just 60 days with this fearsomely intense, utterly exhilarating, mixed martial arts-driven workout. With LES MILLS COMBAT—now available for pre-order—you’ll combine explosive, calorie-scorching moves and fat-shredding sequences from 6 major martial arts disciplines to punch, kick, block, and strike your way to an outrageously strong and sexy body.

The secret? Fast Twitch Integration Training.  LES MILLS COMBAT blends the most dynamic moves from karate, taekwondo, boxing, muay thai/kickboxing, capoeira, and jiu jitsu and combines them in explosive, escalating patterns.  This works your fast-twitch muscle fibers (the ones with the greatest capacity for change) like crazy! You’ll be burning massive amounts of calories during your workouts, and continue burning calories even after your workouts, so you’ll amp up strength and maximize lean muscle definition.  That’s how it builds your best body ever in just 60 days.

If you are interested in ordering, you can follow THIS Link or follow the Shopping Cart link on the upper right hand side of this site.

Feel free to contact me with questions. This is one I am really interested in (Maybe after Asylum 2?)

Body Beast-Day 30

I have wrapped up my first month of Body Beast and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The program is mostly focused on heavy lifting and body building techniques. There is very little “cardio” (I use quotes, because contrary to popular belief, any physical activity that elevates your heart rate is technically “cardio” but when most people think of cardio, they assume it means running, biking, or Insanity) in the program. I am following the Lean Beast calendar, which does include the Beast Cardio routine.

So far, I like the program, I do not love it. I am a P90X devotee. It is not just the workouts themselves. It is Tony, the routines and the overall feel of the disks that I enjoy so much. When in doubt, until something comes along that proves to be better in my mind, I will always revert to P90X.

Unlike THIS GUY, I think P90X is more than a cleverly designed program designed to get me to buy Shakeology.

But back to Body Beast… I am in the middle of the second phase of the program. The workouts are shorter (30 minutes on average) and each targets one specific muscle group. For instance, yesterday was Bulk Chest, and every move was designed to work my chest. Unlike P90X, where opposing muscle groups are worked on the same day (chest and back etc.). The shorter workouts are nice from a timing standpoint. But for someone who has done 60+ minute workouts every day for a year and a half, it just doesn’t feel like it is enough. I am sore this morning, and this is my third time through the Bulk Phase workouts, so they definitely work. I have upped my weights in almost ever move, and am sore the following day, so I know something is working.

I have stated before that my goal is not to add a ton of muscle mass. I was about 184 when I started back in August, and if I finish within 2 pounds plus or minus, I am completely happy with that. I weighed in at 183 the other day, but my weight fluctuates so much day-to-day and hour to hour, that I don’t put much stock in what the scale says.

I am back on a 1900 calorie Fat Shredder Diet. The Body Beast guide-book calls for a very different diet, but that is geared more towards people looking to gain mass. I am still looking to cut body fat, therefore I am not following the Body Beast guide-book at this time.

As a reminder, this was me four years ago at 235:

This was me at about 183 before Body Beast:


And my Day 30 pictures:

I have definitely gotten “bigger”. I haven’t gained any weight (by design) but my shoulders, chest, arms, neck and back are clearly bigger than they were.

This week I have transitioned to afternoon workouts. I have been a morning guy since I started P90X. But I am at a new school this year and have to be there earlier than I did last year. I don’t like feeling rushed in the morning. I have also added in some Insanity this week. Not necessarily because I think I need it, but because I like it.

I am excited to see what Day 60 and 90 look like.

Success Stories

I created a new page on the site today. If you look just under the title, you will see a page entitled “Success”. I plan on using this space to spotlight my personal successes as well as those of others.

If you have assigned me as your coach, and would like me to share your story on this site, please let me know. If you have not yet signed up for an account with Team Beachbody (which is totally free) you can do so by following the “Join My Team” link on the right side of this site.

I was incredibly intimated the first time I posted “before” and “after” pictures of myself. Reading back through my blog from my first round of P90X, there are virtually no posts about my progress. I was scared to share my progress. I almost feel like I hid for three months out of fear. Even now, with over 10,000 people having viewed my YouTube video, I still get nervous about posting pictures of myself. I have found that sharing my success story with others has been both personally liberating and motivational for others. I get emails and Facebook messages weekly from people I know and people I have never, and will never meet telling me how inspirational they found my story.

This is why I always suggest to people starting P90x, Insanity or any other workout program, take before pictures. As unhappy as you may be with how you currently look, those pictures will be invaluable when you get to your goal. My refusal to take Day 1 pictures when I started P90X last March has reached legendary proportions around our house (as Danielle constantly reminds me). But, how are you supposed to know where you are going, if you don’t know where you have been. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my appearance last winter. I hid from cameras and mirrors. Now, because of my hard work and the support of my Team Beachbody coach, I am proud of how I look and love how I feel.


Body Beast

I am decidedly undecided on this one.

One of the best things about Beachbody and the programs they offer is that there is something out there that fits everyone’s needs. Most people are aware of P90X, Insanity and maybe P90X2. But few people who I talk to know about Tai Cheng, ChaLEAN Extreme, or many of the other at-home programs Beachbody offers.

I think this a real shame, because I know there are a lot of people who are hesitant to try P90X or Insanity because of how intense they are, and they miss out on these other, less well-known options.

This brings me to Body Beast, the newest offering from Beachbody.

This one I am not sure about. At least for me. My goal throughout the last year has been to lose fat and gain lean muscle. So far, I have been really successful in this goal. Body Beast is all about muscle-building. I am leaning towards giving it a shot, just to say I did it. I comes out in June and I will wait to see what people are saying about it before I decide whether to give it a shot or not.

I will not be done with this current round of P90X2/Insanity: The Asylum until the end of July regardless.

Here is the preview Beachbody released:

And a preview of the supplements that will go along with the program:

Once this program is released, I will get links up on this site so anyone interested can order.

P90X2- Day 90

Here are  my 90 day results. I didn’t realize it until I looked at these pictures, but I definitely gained more muscle mass than I thought I did. It would explain why, after 90 days of brutal workouts and eating very clean I basically stayed at the same weight. Once again proving, ignore the scale.

At the end of the day, as I stated in my post last week, I love this program and the results I got from it. I am at a point where I am completely happy with the way that I look and feel. Instead of taking my foot off the gas at this point, I have already started another round of P90X2. I took Mosley for a run yesterday afternoon and followed it up with X2 Core. As I said in my review of the Foundation Phase, X2 Core, Balance and Power and Total Body are my favorite workouts in the series. In the next few weeks I am going to mix in Insanity and Insanity: The Asylum workouts along with the Foundation Phase workouts.

I am continuing to drink my Shakeology daily along with Beachbody’s Pre and Post workout drinks which you can read about HERE.

If you have questions about these programs or would like to try Shakeology. I have samples available and can send you one for free. Contact me through email ( or Facebook.