Two Blogs, One Guy

It has been suggested to me by people who started reading the blog for fitness advice that I separate the personal from the fitness. 

I don’t think this is a terrible idea, and actually it is one that I had considered before. The problem I had then, and still do now is, do I move the fitness posts to a new blog, with a new title and lose the readership that I have gained to this site. Or, do I move my personal posts to a new blog. If you read the “About the Head” page tabbed at the top, you will learn that I have been writing this blog for the better part of 6 years. It began as a way for me to get my thoughts out of my head so I wouldn’t overwhelm my loved ones when we all got together. It has been very successful at that. Many of the people that I love to discuss life with read what I write and then we talk about it. 

I hesitate to move out my personal posts because as the title of the blog suggests, this is about what is happening inside my head. And I feel very strongly that if it is in my head, I should be able to write about on my blog. 

Having said that, when I became a Beachbody coach, this blog became my business as well. And although I know that statistically, for every one person that is turned off by my personal political beliefs, there will be someone who agrees with me, I do not want to be turning anyone away. If you came here for my fitness advice because you were inspired by transformation using P90X etc., I don’t want you to leave the site because of how I feel politically. 

At this point I am not sure what to do. I do think the two need to separated, the personal and the professional. I just do not know how to go about doing it.


Feedback Appreciated

Ever since I linked this site to Facebook, there has been a dramatic increase in hits to the site.

Unless the same two people are clicking on the link 40 times every time I post something, someone is reading it. It is a scary thing to post something (especially pictures) and have no idea who is looking and what they are thinking.

If you have thoughts, or feedback or think I am an idiot, please feel free to say so in the comments section on the blog or on Facebook. I have had this site going for almost five years (I started writing it after Avi was born and she will be five in July). During that time the focus of the blog has transitioned from sports, to politics, to what is clearly at the forefront of my mind currently; working out, diet and P90X2.

I am sure as time goes on this will change again. The title of the blog comes from my all time favorite Harry Potter quote and continues to define what I do with this space, it is literally whatever is on my mind.