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before afterI have thought long and hard for a while about separating my personal and professional blogs. For a few different reasons, the time has finally come to do so.

So as of today, I am proud to announce that I have migrated my fitness posts to a new site dedicated to posts concerning fitness and exercise.

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When I initially began coaching through Beachbody, it was convenient to simply use my personal blog to post about my journey towards fitness. I had already posted much of my transformation here, and it was easy to continue to do so.

What I should have done then, and what I have done now, is to create a separate site, dedicated to posting only about fitness advice and my experiences.

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Body Beast Results/Review

I have neglected putting this post up for far too long.

I finished my 90 days of Body Beast back on November 6th and have been meaning to get this posted since, but have failed to… Until now.

I want to start by saying that overall, I think Body Beast is a tremendously effective program. Looking back on my results, and seeing how my body has regressed, even in the week or so since I finished, it is clear to me that Body Beast is truly an effective program, and one that I am going to continue to mix into my regular workout regime (more on this later).

If you have read any of my previous reviews of the program, you will note that I was somewhat turned off by the tenor of the workouts themselves (Here, Here, Here, Here, Here). There is definitely an air of “Meat-Headiness” to the program that I could do without. Listening to Sagi refer to himself in the third person as “The Beast” (is that fourth-person?” gets old really quickly. Many of the people who I did the program with resorted to turning the volume down or turning their own music up. I did this as well and it worked. The pace of many of the workouts is very fast, so with the sound off, it can be hard to keep up with what they are doing.

Body Beast incorporates a training system called “Dynamic Set Training”. What this basically refers to is the use of many different types of sets to achieve muscle fatigue. Whatever Sagi chooses to call it, it works. I have never been as sore as I was after my first few weeks of this program. Not even back when I first started P90X in March of ’11 and I had to skip workouts the first week because I was so sore.

On the whole, I think this is a worthwhile program for anyone who is looking to build muscle. I had pretty strict dietary goals that I set for myself. I did not want to gain any mass, so I did not follow the Beast diet guide, but instead chose to eat a 1900 calorie fat shredder diet for the majority of the 90 days. I was just not that interested in gaining muscle at the cost of putting on body fat. It wasn’t my goal. I can see how it would be easy to gain 5-10 lbs of muscle doing this program if you followed the suggested nutrition.

I didn’t take actual “Day 90” photos, so I have included pics of my in my Halloween costume, which fell right about 90 days. All in all, I am really happy with the results. I am two weeks into a P90X2/Insanity Hybrid, and I am already missing some of the heavy-lifting from the Beast.

Day 1:

Day 30:

Day 90:


Feel free to use the comment section for additional info on this or any Beachbody program.

Body Beast-Day 30

I have wrapped up my first month of Body Beast and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The program is mostly focused on heavy lifting and body building techniques. There is very little “cardio” (I use quotes, because contrary to popular belief, any physical activity that elevates your heart rate is technically “cardio” but when most people think of cardio, they assume it means running, biking, or Insanity) in the program. I am following the Lean Beast calendar, which does include the Beast Cardio routine.

So far, I like the program, I do not love it. I am a P90X devotee. It is not just the workouts themselves. It is Tony, the routines and the overall feel of the disks that I enjoy so much. When in doubt, until something comes along that proves to be better in my mind, I will always revert to P90X.

Unlike THIS GUY, I think P90X is more than a cleverly designed program designed to get me to buy Shakeology.

But back to Body Beast… I am in the middle of the second phase of the program. The workouts are shorter (30 minutes on average) and each targets one specific muscle group. For instance, yesterday was Bulk Chest, and every move was designed to work my chest. Unlike P90X, where opposing muscle groups are worked on the same day (chest and back etc.). The shorter workouts are nice from a timing standpoint. But for someone who has done 60+ minute workouts every day for a year and a half, it just doesn’t feel like it is enough. I am sore this morning, and this is my third time through the Bulk Phase workouts, so they definitely work. I have upped my weights in almost ever move, and am sore the following day, so I know something is working.

I have stated before that my goal is not to add a ton of muscle mass. I was about 184 when I started back in August, and if I finish within 2 pounds plus or minus, I am completely happy with that. I weighed in at 183 the other day, but my weight fluctuates so much day-to-day and hour to hour, that I don’t put much stock in what the scale says.

I am back on a 1900 calorie Fat Shredder Diet. The Body Beast guide-book calls for a very different diet, but that is geared more towards people looking to gain mass. I am still looking to cut body fat, therefore I am not following the Body Beast guide-book at this time.

As a reminder, this was me four years ago at 235:

This was me at about 183 before Body Beast:


And my Day 30 pictures:

I have definitely gotten “bigger”. I haven’t gained any weight (by design) but my shoulders, chest, arms, neck and back are clearly bigger than they were.

This week I have transitioned to afternoon workouts. I have been a morning guy since I started P90X. But I am at a new school this year and have to be there earlier than I did last year. I don’t like feeling rushed in the morning. I have also added in some Insanity this week. Not necessarily because I think I need it, but because I like it.

I am excited to see what Day 60 and 90 look like.

Making Up Ground

One of the real hurdles for me as I worked to lose weight and get my body to a place where I am happy with it was getting out of the “Working out to make up for bad habits” mentality.

One of the first questions people invariably ask me when I tell them that I used P90X or Insanity and it worked for me is “Did you follow the diet guide?” The reason I think so many people ask this is because what they are hoping is that they will be able to maintain their crappy eating habits, improve their workout regiment and get the results that they are hoping for. The reality is, yes you can lose some weight if you work out with P90X, Insanity or any other workout program and continue to eat crap food. Check out my original P90X Results Video, I didn’t follow the diet guide, and I lost 25 pounds. I also worked out two, sometimes three times a day to achieve the results I did to make up for the fact that I wasn’t following any sort of nutrition plan.

It wasn’t until I got my nutrition in order, and started drinking Shakeology daily, that I really started to see the kind of results that I was looking for. If you compare the results from my initial 90 days to my P90X2 Results video and you will see the dramatic impact that nutrition has played in getting where I want to be.

What I had to change was the way I thought about working out as a means to make up for poor diet. I would eat like crap one day, or have a bad dinner (pizza anyone?) and then punish myself with a hard workout the following day, or an extra workout to “make up for it” then repeat this process three or four times a week. The problem with approach (aside from it not being a sustainable and or healthy way to handle diet and exercise) is that it is impossible to ever make progress. It is a constant cycle of one step forward and two steps back.

If you are trying to lose weight, as I was when I was pushing the scale at about 235, it is imperative that you address both the exercise and nutrition aspects. In my experience, doing one and not the other is a recipe for getting stuck in a rut.

If you are looking for ideas about how to improve your diet and or workouts, check out the links I have posted under the tabs at the top of this website. This is a system that has worked for me in achieving my goals.

Body Beast- Build Phase Review

I completed the Build Phase of Body Beast last Saturday and I wanted to quickly comment on my thoughts on the program so far.

I mentioned a few times in previous posts that I like the workouts, but am not a huge fan of the overall vibe. The workouts themselves, as in the routines, sets, and schedule are great. I have not been sore like this since last March when I first began P90X. I am getting bigger and stronger which I am happy about.

As far as the videos go, the crew, the theme, and Sagi himself, it gets old quick. Let me try to explain it this way: I will drink anything. Any pre-workout drink, shake, or Shakeology, I will drink. So when someone tells me they hate the taste of Greenberry Shakeology, I am like “Really? I thought it was fine”. The same goes for workout DVDs. I will do any of them. I just kind of ignore Sagi and the guys in the video and do the workouts. But for some reason, if I try to just use the workout sheets and do them without the videos, I don’t enjoy it as much (I have tried this with P90X workouts before). So although I do not love the workouts, I do them and feel good when I am done.

Overall I liked the Build Phase, but now that I am into the Bulk Phase workouts (I have done three of six), I am really liking this new phase. The workouts are shorter and focus on a single body part (I have done Chest, Legs and Arms so far). Because the workouts are shorter, I have been doing a bit more cardio, running and ab workouts. I have mixed in Insanity: Cardio Abs as well as P90X2 Ab ripper and Ab Ripper X.

I have been eating a bit more, and I am not happy with how it is making me look. I am going to stick with it for a few more weeks and see how my body adjusts. I am eating about 2500 calories as 40/40/20, carbs/protein/fat using MyFitnessPal to track my diet.

Once again, I think that Body Beast is not for everyone. There is an intensity to the workouts that I think would turn some people off. It is great for building muscle, and if you adjust your diet correctly, you can lose fat while doing it as well. One of the things I love about Tony Horton in P90X and X2 is that there is a non-threatening atmosphere to the workouts that no matter how much you are struggling, whether you are just starting or are on your 5th round, makes you feel like you are not in over your head. Part of it is Tony’s motto of “Do your best and forget the rest”. The other factor is Tony himself. This is something that Body Beast does not do with its “Whatever it takes” mantra.

Body Beast Week 3

For me, I think a good mix would be a Body Beast/Insanity hybrid. I like more cardio and am not looking to get huge. I know I can adjust my diet to meet my goals, but I enjoy mixing in more cardio. The Bulk Phase is 5 weeks (I am doing the Lean Beast calendar) so I am interested to see what the results of the next four and a half weeks are.

Body Beast: Week 1

I wrapped up my first week of Body Beast this morning by doing P90X2 Yoga on my rest day.

I purchased Body Beast on a whim. When I first watched the preview video, I thought it looked stupid. To me, it looked like a bunch of meatheads yelling and pumping iron. I was pretty turned off by it and thought it wasn’t something I would ever really try.

When I finished my P90X2/Asylum hybrid last week I was torn between doing a full 60 days of Insanity and trying something new. Body Beast was relatively inexpensive, and I already own the equipment necessary to complete the program, so I decided to give it a shot. I followed my own advice and came up with a plan for how to attack the next 90 days and set my goals. I am hoping to add around 5 lbs of muscle while continuing to cut body fat. I am not looking to get huge (although I watched Warrior last night with Tom Hardy, and the idea of looking like that holds some appeal for me). I weigh about 185 right now, and if I end up at the same weight in three months, I will not be upset in the least.

As far as the actual workouts go, I am impressed. The video quality on my DVDs is a little on the poor side, the commentary is somewhat meat-headish. Listening to Sagi refer to himself as the Beast constantly gets a bit old (although, when he shushes one of the cast members and says “shush, the Beast is talking” I cannot help but laugh). I am used to Tony Horton and Shaun T. Both of whom I enjoy working out with.

The workouts themselves are good. Usually between 30-50 minutes. The warm up is not enough. I find myself hitting the foam roller and stretching a bit before I push play. Both P90X2 and Insanity include truly effective combinations of static and dynamic stretches that prepare the body for the coming workout. Body Beast does not. One positive is that it keeps the workouts short. But in order to maintain flexibility and avoid injury, it is essential to add some additional work (hence why I did X2 Yoga this morning). At the end of this program, I don’t want to be such a beef cake that I need someone else to wipe my ass because I lack the flexibility and Lats are just too damn big.

As far as effectiveness of the workouts is concerned, I can only go by what my body is telling me after 6 days. What I know is, I have not been sore like this since my first week of P90X last March. Every day, a different part of my body has been sore from the workout the day before. I don’t mean just sore, I mean like hard to walk up the stairs sore. Can’t brush my teeth sore, can’t straighten my arms sore. These workouts work. I cannot wait to see how my body responds the second time through these workouts and beyond. I was never sore like this doing P90X2. I know this is working.

When I first brought up this program on this website, I stated that it would not be for everyone. I still believe that. There are some people that this style is simply not going to appeal to. But I am in a Facebook group of TeamRIPPED members who are all doing this together, and I was pleasantly surprised by the number of women are are hitting the Beast with us.

So far I like it. It is a nice change-up from P90X2, where so much was focused on balance. Every lifting move was done while incorporating some element of balance (curls on one leg, etc.). It is nice to firmly plant both feet on the ground and lift weights.

Week One

If you are interested in learning more about this or any other BeachBody program, let me know. I know there are a lot of people who have decided to commit to P90X and Insanity. If you are interested, but don’t know where to start or which program to choose, contact me so I can help guide you towards the program that will best fit your goals. All of the products that I have used, and continue to use are available through the links on this site.


Cape Cod 2012

Since we got home on Sunday, I have had a really hard time putting my thoughts about the week down.

Simply said, it was everything I hoped for. It was fun, relaxing, and I asked Danielle to marry me (to which she said yes!). Avi had the time of her life (all that kid needs is sand and salt water). Teaching her how to boogie board was one of my favorite parenting moments ever.

When I decided to ask her to marry me in the Cape, I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I thought romantic walk down the beach, on Commercial Street in P-Town, have Avi help me, ultimately I decided a whale watch proposal was the way to go. It was really rough on the ocean (people were puking over the side of the ship). We saw more whales than you could count. As the whale watch was winding down I decided it was time to drop the question.

After 90 days of X2/Asylum, this is the best I have ever looked.

Beach Yoga

The company is called BeachBody for a reason

The week was amazing and I am already looking forward to next year. This week I started Body Beast, and we have a wedding to plan. I am two days into Body Beast and I will have a week one wrap up posted later this week.