Red Wings Game

We took Avi to the Red Wings game last night.

I have tried really hard to not shove baseball in her face. The way Avi works, if you gently nudge her towards something (Harry Potter, Lego’s, Josh Freeman etc.) she tends to become somewhat interested in it.

I have tried to take this approach to baseball. The other day we were listening to the ESPN Radio fantasy baseball podcast (the best 45 minutes of my day) and she asked me: “Dad, why do you love the Mets so much?” Which was a really tough question to answer. On a side note, one of the audio drops on the show is for when a player records a “Combo Meal”, which consists of hitting a home run and stealing a base in the same game (as Andrew McCutchen did last night). On the drop, there is Latin music and a voice says “Ay… It’s a Combo Meal, home run plus a steal”. Now, whenever I say “Ay…” Avi will follow-up with “It’s a combo meal”.

The other day we were laying on the floor at my parents house watching the Mets game. She laid down next to me and started watching the game. So I took the opportunity to show her how a pitch can be a ball or a strike, and how the batter gets either 3 strikes or 4 balls (foul balls complicate things). She started trying to tell me which pitches were strikes and which were balls. By giving her something to look for, she started to pay a bit more attention. It didn’t last long, but I didn’t push it on her, and she cared, a little.

Last night at the game, we were sitting very close (thanks again for the tickets, Mike).

And like she does when going to a movie, she sat with her pretzel and popcorn, in her too-big-for-her seat munching on her goodies. It wasn’t until the 4th or 5th inning that it dawned on me that she was basically completely unaware that there was a game going on less than 30 feet from where we were sitting. So I pointed out to her where the pitcher and batter were, how there were two teams, 3 outs etc. She became slightly more interested in the action on the field, but once again, I wasn’t pushy.

At the end of the day, she got a ball (which we got Mitsy to sign, which is really all she cared about) and had Spikes sign her glove (which she asked to put on to try to catch a foul ball). It was a perfect night at the park. Avi had her family with her, and I got to continue the process of introducing her to my favorite game. What could be better?


P90X2/Asylum Hybrid: Recovery Week 2

I started my second recovery week this morning. I did P90X2: Core this morning. I pushed as hard as I could (I know, not very smart for recovery week) and was exhausted at the end of the workout. I upped my numbers on almost every exercise.

I am feeling good, although my legs feel a bit dead and my right lat muscle continues to be sore from the strain. I think I will skip any pull-ups this week in an effort to let it calm down a bit. Tomorrow I plan on taking a short run, followed by some intense Rumble Rolling.

On a completely unrelated note, today was Aviendha’s graduation from Pre-K. She looked beautiful, and I only cried twice.

It is really hard to wrap my head around her going to Kindergarten next year. I was doing good until the end of the video her teacher put together. The song was Jack Johnson’s “Better Together”. I sang this to Avi almost every night before I put her to bed when she was a baby. Any time she woke up in the middle of the night. For the rest of my life, I will always associate this song with her tiny body in my arms.

Father’s Day 2012

I get very demanding about Father’s day. For me, the day is more important than my birthday. My mom deserves the credit for my birthday, I didn’t do a damn thing.

Father’s day is different. This is the one day a year where I get to bask in the glow of something (someone) that I helped create. Every time someone tells me how wonderful Aviendha is, how beautiful she is, how sweet, caring, thoughtful, funny, imaginative, and the list goes on and on and on, I get to smile, especially today, because I know the role I played in raising her to be that way.

That in no way means I am alone in this endeavor. Avi is blessed to have incredible, loving adults in her life, every day. Adults who help to show her and guide her through her life. I am (just) one of those adults.

There has been no undertaking in my 29 years that has been more difficult than raising her. She has tried my patience. She has left my sitting on the stairs after the 8th time I tried to put her to bed, my head in my hands as I sat and sobbed, wondering what I was doing wrong and what I could be doing differently. She has forced me to work harder, to be better. She has challenged me to be the dad that she needs.

However, in those same 29 years, there has been no undertaking, no endeavor that has been more rewarding. No matter what else I am in my life, I am her father. She has made me become a better person. She is so self-less and thoughtful that I have been left with no choice but to break out of my selfish shell and become more like her.

She turns five in July (where the hell did 5 years go?). On this, my fifth Father’s day, I am proud of the role I have played in raising her. And perhaps more importantly, I am proud of who my daughter is.

Saturday Morning

I am sitting here drinking my coffee and preparing myself for some X2 Yoga on this gorgeous Saturday morning.

The house is incredibly quiet and I am finding myself overwhelmed with the lack of activity. I have no idea what to do with myself today.

Quick change of subject… I try really hard to not freak out over Avi getting older. I try to remember that no matter what I do, or how much I stress, she is going to grow up. And I can either enjoy the journey, or spend all that time stressing over it. Having said that, she turns 5 in two months and that reality is hitting me like a truck. Parents gush about their kids, it is what they do. So to sit here and talk about how amazing she is, I know I would sound like every other parent who thinks their kid is the greatest thing on the planet.

However, Avi is tremendous. She is easily the most emotionally developed 4-almost-5-year-old I have ever encountered. She understands things on an emotional plane that most children are not even aware of. I am finding it increasingly difficult to not shower her with everything she could possibly want. I don’t know that 5 is some kind of milestone, but it feels like it.

She made this for my kids at school:


I cannot overstate how ready I am for this long weekend. Today is my Friday.

I have begun our Superhero Psychology project in my Psych classes and so far, the kids seem to be into it. I am doing a lesson today on how to watch a film critically so that they have some tools available to them when viewing superhero films later this month.

We watched this:

Which fit perfectly with what we are doing. After we learn how to view a film critically, we will be watching “Batman Begins” next week as we build on our project. I am using “Batman Begins” because it offers a perfect example of a Hero Arch for the students to follow and see and archetypical example.

I am starting to build the final project for my law classes. At this point I am unsure what I want them to do.

As far as my workouts go, I am in the midst of a much-needed recovery week. My back (I have a strained lat muscle on my right side) has been becoming increasingly sore, and I am starting to think about possible alternatives to my current workout program.

I will start Phase II of my X2/Asylum Hybrid on Monday.

I still have a few samples of Shakeology available for anyone who is interested in trying one out. Shoot me an email ( or message me on Facebook with your address and what flavor you would like to try.

I stepped on the scale this morning for the first time in a few weeks and I was down about 3 pounds from where I was on April 15th. I can see a difference in how I look. I think the increased cardio of the Asylum is a large part of this.

I am still on my 1900 calorie diet which you can read more about under the Diet tab at the top of this page.

Aside from that, I am looking forward to the long weekend.