The Mets Are Killing My Relationship

Something new and wonderful and awful is happening.

In the three years that Danielle and I have been together, by June, the Mets have fallen out of the playoff hunt. Often during those three years, they have been borderline un-watchable. This has been great for our relationship, because although I have continued to pay a cursory level of attention to the goings on on the field for fantasy baseball purposes, I have not felt a longing to actually watch any of the games (you can only watch Mike Pelfrey get shelled so many times before you become numb to it.)

Unfortunately for our relationships sake, this is not the case this year. As a Mets fan, I could not be happier. Not only are the Mets in the thick of the playoff hunt, they are fun and entertaining to watch. They are young, they play hard, they pitch well and as evidenced by their 11 runs against the Phillies last night, they can hit the crap out of the ball at times. R.A. Dickey’s starts have become must-see-TV. Johan has already thrown a No-Hitter this year. Jon Niese gets better with every start (as does my fantasy team thanks to his pitching). David Wright is the MVP of the NL in the first half of the season. They are so good, it almost makes you forget about that guy who used to play short stop and wear uniform #7.

What this means for our household however, is that my attention is clearly not focused on being anything close to a good partner. At the Jazz Fest Saturday (check out Trombone Shorty!) I was more focused on the fact that Johan had given up only two hits in 8 innings than I was on enjoying our night out. Twice in the last week, Danielle has said something to me that I heard none of because I was thinking about the pitching match-ups in the Mets upcoming games.

They say the first step towards recovery is accepting that there is a problem. I am 100% aware that this is a problem. I am also 100% aware that until either the Mets fall flat on their faces and drop out of the race (I actually do not see any possibility of this happening) or the season ends, I am not going to become less interested in this team. There was a magical feel to the 2006 team, and looking back this feels very similar.

For now, I am going to stick to my “three games a week” rule and choose wisely which games I decide to watch.


Fantasy Baseball- For Better or Worse

A few weeks ago I posted about my anxiety concerning my upcoming fantasy baseball drafts and my utter lack of preparation.

Years past (when I had a bit more time on my hands) I would have an entire binder of information compiled by the end of February. This year, that wasn’t the case.

I pride myself on finding players who greatly out-perform their draft value, as in I pick a guy in the 1oth round, who performs like a 2nd rounder. This was the case last year when I grabbed Matt Kemp, coming off a down year, only to have him perform like the best player in baseball. This year, Kemp is a Top 3 pick, if not the #1 overall pick.

Now, there is no way I draft him this year. My job is to find the 2012 version of Matt Kemp. Who is going to be the guy who carries my team, but costs me a 15th rounder? I obviously cannot state that here, as I am sure my competition is looking for any edge they can get (I won 2 out of 3 leagues last year).

My mistake in the past has been to rely too heavily on guys with low value and high upside. I get burned every once in a while. For every Matt Kemp, there is always a Jason Bay, the guy who was primed for a major bounce back that never materialized.

I have two more drafts this weekend and one extended draft that is going on as I type this.

Fantasy Baseball… This is Not Good

I am finding myself in a very unfamiliar position. We are almost a week into March (the best month of the year by far) and I have not done a minute of fantasy baseball research.

There was a moment last spring, when I was taking two Masters level education classes, three on-line classes that the State was telling me I needed to complete my certification, on top of work and everything else. I went to Danielle and said, I have all these classes, plus three fantasy baseball leagues, there is too much on my plate. Her advice to me, drop a league.

I dropped a class.

I won two out of three leagues and reaffirmed to myself that if there is one thing I am good at in this world, it is picking an imaginary team of baseball players that will out perform 10 to 12 other guys imaginary teams of baseball players over the course of a season.

As this season is quickly approaching, I realize that I am in to position currently to repeat as champion. I usually have binder of information that I have stockpiled. I usually know whose 20-year-old first baseman is going to have a monster season. Right now I am clueless. I am more anxious about my upcoming drafts than I am that I have not planned anything to teach this week. My one track mind has been singularly focused on P90X2.

So here I sit, thinking Ike Davis is going to be the second best first baseman in the N.L after Joey Votto, when I find out he might have Valley Fever? At least one thing has not changed, the Mets cannot catch a break.