Supplement Update- Beachbody Fanboy

It has been about a week or so since I changed up my daily SUPPLEMENTS I am happy to report that I am loving them.

Yes, I realize this makes me a complete Beachbody fanboy, and I do not care because I feel great. I take E&E every morning pre-workout. I wake up at 5:00 am every day and am working out by 5:20, the only thing I put in my body during that time is E&E and water. It gives me a tremendous amount of energy without that “rush” feeling of light-headedness that comes with chugging like a Redbull. I am loving it. 

During my tough workouts (they all seem tough this week, even though I am supposed to be “recovering”) I have been putting one scoop of Results & Recovery formula  and I am loving it as well. It has the perfect balance of Carbs to Protein, tastes great and seems to really help get me through my workout. One serving is two scoops, but I only take one. This will serve the dual purpose of making it last longer, while also not adding 40g of Carbs to my daily intake.

So along with Shakeology every day (which I have written TOO MUCH about lately) I am taking Energy and Endurance and Results and Recovery almost every day. These are the only supplements (I don’t count whey protein, as it is more of an essential “food”) that I am taking.

If you are interested in giving any of them a try, feel free to follow the links along the right side of the site. Message me or email me ( with any questions you might have about these or any other Beachbody products.


Gym Memberships?

I stumbled across this video and thought I should share it. If you are someone who, like me had a gym membership and used it infrequently, or never check this out:

I obviously agree with everything he says here. I was exactly the person that he describes. I was paying upwards of $30 a month (that is $360 dollars a year, don’t tell me P90X, X2, Insanity are too expensive) for something I wasn’t using.

When he talks about people who bought P90X, and then left it sitting in the closet for year, before using it, only to regret it later, that was me exactly. After my three months, my biggest regret (aside from not taking day 1 pics) was that I didn’t start sooner. This ties into my feelings about not burning the disks for people. I firmly believe that if you make the investment in the program, if you buy in financially and mentally, then you will see RESULTS.

I am in no way bashing gyms. I know that for some people, they are the perfect escape from their day, and a safe haven where they can retreat and take care of themselves. For me, and for a lot of people I know, it just doesn’t work. For me, the ability to push the coffee table aside, lay out my workout mat, bust my ass for an hour, mix up my Shakeology, and go upstairs and wake up Avi is imperative.

I think the most telling thing is that Beachbody guarantees all of their products (P90X, X2 have 90-day money back policy, Shakeology has a bottom of the bag guarantee). I have never heard of a gym promising customers their money back at the end of their contract if they don’t see the results they wanted. Beachbody is able to do this because there are two groups of people, those who use their products have Insane results, and those who buy it and don’t use it, or never buy it at all. As I stated in my post “Results May Vary”, the only variance is in the attitude and effort in the person doing it.

I am well aware of the fact that I sound like a Beachbody fanboy. I honestly don’t care. These programs work and they have changed my life. Next week is my 29th birthday, and I feel better than I ever have in my life. In two weeks, it will be 1 year from the day I pushed play on P90X for the first time.

If you are interested in any of these programs, check out the links on the right side of my site. If you have any questions, feel free to use the comments section, or email me at

Supplement Update

I started taking Pre-Workout (PWO) supplements a few months ago. With the 5 am workouts, and not eating or drinking any coffee before hand it is tough getting my energy level up to where it needs to be to tackle whatever P90X2 workout I have in store for the day.

I started off taking Jack3d and loved it, but hated have to run to GNC every month when I ran out. Now that I am a Beachbody CoachI decided it was time to start testing out some of the products Beachbody offers, aside from Shakeology.

One of the nice things about the Beachbody PWO, Energy & Endurance (E&E) is that, unlike Jack3d and many other PWOs, it lacks Creatine, which needs to be cycled on and off. I took E&E yesterday afternoon before working out, and felt great. I was afraid that because I took it in the afternoon/evening, I would struggle to fall asleep, I didn’t. I took it again this morning and felt the effects within 5 minutes. I crushed Base and Back this morning, and E&E played a key role in that. It is lemon lime flavored.

I also purchased P90X Results and Recovery Formula, which is specifically designed to aid in recovery following a strenuous workout (like P90X, P90X2) by providing a perfect 4:1 ratio of Carbs to protein, which is what the body requires after a workout. The goal is to reduce muscle soreness. If you are just starting out with P90X, I can guarantee that if you are anything like I was, you are battling a lot of sore, fatigued muscles. It is orange flavored and I personally find it delicious.

I won’t take Results and Recovery (R&R) after every workout, because with 40g of Carbs per serving, it becomes difficult to maintain my ratios of Carbs:Protein:Fat on my 1900 cal diet. I will stick to taking it after particularly difficult routines, like the afromentioned Base and Back.

Daily I am going to continue to take Shakeology and Whey protein. I will utilize E&E for morning workouts and R&R after really tough ones. When my current bottles of GNC multivitamins are gone, I am done spending money on them. Shakeology renders them pointless as I am getting all the nutrients my body needs with my breakfast shake. I have not gone back to eating breakfast on top of my Shakeology and have not noticed any increase in my hunger or cravings. I have basically continued to eat exactly as I did before, while cutting out my breakfast and replacing it with Shakeology.

As always, if you have any questions about any of this stuff, please do not hesitate to ask. I am in the process of figuring out what works best for me and my goals